Zettist Marketing Company Branding

Putting the Pizzazz back in the brand.

Jana Devan, the founder of the Marketing Company Zettist, struggled with her branding. She called it an “identity crisis.” She recently spent a lot of time dialing in what Zettist offers, where they want to go, and who they are helping. However, the Zettist branding did not reflect that.

Her brand until now was a progression of many rounds of hasty changes without a clear direction. Jana approached us with the need for a solid marketing company branding that visually embodies her new offerings and her grand vision of building a full-service marketing house. She wanted something that looks intentional, mature but also stands out and is fun. Something that can stand the test of time and taste and won’t go stale quickly.

But Clarity First

Before we started to think about branding this Marketing Company and determining logos, colors, and typography, we entered an intensive discovery phase using our Clearly Branded Process. Here we created alignment and authenticity to gain clarity around the Zettist brand. Brand clarity will help us focus our efforts and translate them into executable tactics that support the goals and vision of Zettist.

What We Learned

We discovered that there was already a lot of equity in the brand intuitively, which we wanted to honor and retain. Now it was a matter of pulling them all together, clarifying the message, and refining the visual identity. We also needed an extremely flexible brand system. It needs to work now and also has the potential to grow into a bigger marketing company brand. It needs to be quiet and sophisticated and fun and expressive. It needs to be current and timeless. 


After our brand-building intensive, the Zettist Marketing House is on the right track again to build that full-service agency with a solid foundation at its core. The Zettist team has focus and direction and detailed brand guidelines that are easy to execute for each team member.

We created a toolbox that can tone down the brand to let only the content shine or crank up to be visual to make it loud and expressive.

Since the launch, Zettist experienced more brand recognition (and many compliments), qualified lead generation and conversion, and most importantly, clarity, confidence, and a solid brand foundation to take the business to the next level and build that marketing house.


  • Brand Clarity & Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Collateral Design
  • Social Media