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Brand clarity, strategy, and design for your business.

Walk away with a deep understanding of your business and a compelling brand identity that converts and attracts those that matter.

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brand confidence

How confident do you feel about your brand?

Do you feel like something is off? Something about your branding does not align with what you offer and what you are all about. You hesitate to direct potential clients to your webpage or put off branding and marketing initiatives altogether because you just don’t feel confident with your brand’s current state.

new business

Just starting?

First of all, Congratulation! Now, how about starting where you suppose to start… at the beginning. Building a strong brand right from the start lets you focus on what you are best at, advance your business and seek out new opportunities.

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With brand clarity and a solid brand identity, you will regain confidence and feel encouraged and excited to market your service. You can live up to your business’s full potential, get in front of the right people, and have more reach and conversion.

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7 Signs that your Brand is Lacking Clarity:

  1. Your brand does not represent the level of quality you provide in your offerings.
  2. You have a hard time explaining what exactly you do and who you can help.
  3. You are not sure how you are different from your competition.
  4. You are not attracting the right people, and you don’t know how to pull in the right ones.
  5. You never really invested the time to create a strategic and meaningful brand to start with.
  6. Your business has changed significantly (new direction, market, services, products, audience) and has outgrown the brand you started with.
  7. Your business is surviving but not thriving. You know you need to change something but don’t know where to start.

Add more value.

With a background in graphic design and branding, I’ve been designing brand identities for almost 20 years. While the logos I created are beautiful and my clients were happy, I always felt, something was missing. I started to wonder, are we creating a true impact? Are my clients reaching their business goals with their brand-building? Have we turned every stone to look for gaps and opportunities?

I wanted more meaning in my work, add more value, and truly help and empower my clients to reach their most potential. I want to give them confidence and guidance through the process of building a business and brand with my creative and analytical thinking and design skills, build a strong partnership, and become their creative partner in crime. That’s why created my “Clearly Branded” service. And I am loving it. I feel so much more connected to my clients and now we can not only create a meaningful brand identity but also measure and track impact.



Petra Ives, Founder, Brand Strategist
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Our Process

Start with Clarity.

We do have a tried and true process in place that will be customized to each client, however, the steps are mostly the same… believe us. It works! With “Clearly Branded” we always start with Clarity. A good look under the hood lets us know the ins and outs of your company, its needs, pain points, and goals. Only then, we can build a solid Brand Foundation and align it with the Strategy and Design.

graph of Clearly Branded process

Brand Clarity

What you stand for. Who you are for. And who you are up against.

timeframe: about 2 weeks

Brand Strategy

How you align your brandwith your goals.

timeframe: about 1 week

Brand Design

What you look and sound like.

timeframe: about 3 weeks
Clarity visualization: graphic of tangled ravel into wavy aligned lines


Brand Clarity

First, we lean in, listen and take an objective look at the factors that influence how your company presents itself, including your brand, the industry you are in, your target audience, and your business goals.

What’s covered—

  • What/How/Why
  • Vision/Mission/Goals
  • Core Brand Values
  • Brand Personality/Archetypes
  • Persona Development of Ideal Client
  • Customer Journey
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Positioning


Brand Strategy

Next, we (you and us) put our heads together and create a strategic roadmap that will lead your brand to growth and impact. We co-developing a prioritized list of brand initiatives with budgets, timing, measurables goals, and responsibilities.

What’s included—

  • Clarity Report
  • Prioritized List of Brand Initiatives
  • Top 10 Recommendations
  • Brand Plan
Strategy visualization: graphic of arrows, lines depicting strategic way forward
Brand Expression visualization: graphic of icons depicting voice, communication, logo design, website


Brand Design

Time to roll up our sleeves and make your brand vision a reality. We take the conclusions of the Brand Clarity & Strategy Process and tackle one item after the other based on priority, budget, and time constraints.

What’s included—

  • Moodboards
  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Color Palette
  • Collateral
  • Brand Guide

Week 1

Clarity Session 1:

3-hour discovery meeting (Zoom or in-person), uncover valuable information about your business and build a solid brand foundation (Vision, Mission, Business Goals, Brand Values, X-Factor)

Week 2

Clarity Session 2:

3-hour discovery meeting (Zoom or in-person), deep dive into your Brand Personality and Archetypes, Target Audience, Competition, and Positioning.

Week 3

Clarity Session 3:

2-hour strategy session (Zoom or in-person), continue to formalize brand foundation statements, present summary of all of our findings (Clarity Report), outline and prioritize Strategic Brand Initiatives to grow awareness, revenue, efficiency, and delight.

Week 4

Visual Moodboards:

present and discuss 2-3 moodboard options that will guide our logo and brand development.

Week 5

Logo Development:

present and discuss initial logo options, refine and finalize direction.

Week 6/7

Brand Guide and Collateral:

Create Brand Style Guide (logo system, other brand elements, color palette, typography, brand accents, patterns/texture), supply all industry-standard files, develop 3 brand applications (choice of business card, stationery, signage, vehicle graphics, social media, banners, swag items, apparel…)

* timeline subject to change based on response time and availability
Case Study

Wholeness At Work.

We helped an executive coach that wanted to write a book on burnout in the workplace. She came to us to take care of the visual design of the book. Before we did that, we spend a lot of time figuring out who this book is for, how it will fit into the competitive landscape, and how we will reach potential readers. The results of this deep dive shaped the design, format, language, overall tone, and voice of all communications, and avenues of advertising. 

We discovered that readers want more. We ended up developing a whole brand and program around this book with videos, book clubs, a launch party, and 1-1 consulting upgrades. Instead of being under her coaching company brand, it became its own entity.

Petra’s design perfectly resembles my heart and mind, captures my voice, and provides the user with a remarkably transformative experience. With Petra’s extensive knowledge of design and development, she has amplified our marketing voice by providing thoughtful designs for our website and social media. Petra expertise around brand strategy quite literally brought my brand to life and I highly recommend her services. Erin Rocchio, Wholeness at Work, MPOD, Principal, Executive & Team Coach, Certified Integral Coach

Our “Clearly Branded” Packages

Which one is right for you?

Depending on the size of your company and the number of years in business, we offer different options to choose from, varying in the level of depth we go, based on the information we have on hand.

New brand or idea… great! Congratulation, you are starting where you suppose to start… at the beginning.

You feel like you have outgrown your existing brand, need a re-fresh and re-alignment? Perfect. Let’s gain some clarity about where you are now and where you want to go, and evolve your brand, preparing it for that journey.

Contact us for a 20-minute clarity session to see which package is right for you.

Our “Clearly Branded” signature packages start at $10,000.

1 basic

6-7 weeks

Brand Clarity

  • Company Basics (What, How, Why)

  • Brand Foundation (Mission, Vision, Values)

  • Brand Personality (Brand Archetypes)

  • Ideal Audience (Persona Development) 

  • Outline Competition

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Clarity Report

  • Strategic Road Map

  • Top 10 Recommendations

Brand Identity

  • 3 Moodboards

  • 3 Logo Exploration

  • Brand Guide

  • 3 Brand Applications


  • Mission and Vision Statement
  • Brand Values Statement
  • 2 Persona Profiles (Ideal Audience)
  • Clarity Report and Brand Plan (Top 10 Recommendations)
  • Brand Identity (Logo)
  • Brand Guide
  • All brand assets and files
  • 3 relevant Brand Applications
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2 clear

8-9 weeks

Brand Clarity

  • All items from Package 1 BASIC, plus:

  • Refined Brand Foundation Statements (work with a copywriter)

  • Brand Positioning

  • Tagline

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Customer Journey and Empathy Map

Brand Strategy

  • All items from Package 1 BASIC, plus:

  • Outline Company Goals

Brand Identity

  • All items from Package 1 BASIC, plus:

  • 5 Brand Applications

  • Brand Board (Overview Poster)


  • All Deliverables from package 1 BASIC, plus:
  • Positioning Statement
  • Tagline
  • Competitive Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Customer Journey and Empathy Map
  • 2 additional Brand Applications
  • Brand Board (brand overview poster)
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3 crystal

12-14 weeks

Brand Clarity

  • All items from Package 2 CLEAR, plus:

  • Internal and External perception audit

  • Brand Voice Development

Brand Strategy

  • All items from Package 2 CLEAR, plus:

  • Brand naming and legal research

  • Create Messaging framework

Brand Identity

  • All items from Package 2 CLEAR, plus:

  • 7 Brand Applications

  • Brand Launch Strategy: The Big Reveal


  • All Deliverables from package 2 CLEAR, plus:
  • Audit Report
  • Naming
  • Brand Voice Guidelines
  • Messaging Framework
  • 2 additional Brand Applications
  • Brand Launch Collateral
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Our “Clearly Branded” Promise

Cultivating brands. Rooted in clarity.

We dig deep to help companies cultivate brand clarity by aligning their purpose with their visuals and messaging. The result: a confident brand ready to grow and win the hearts of those who matter.

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