Wholeness At Work

Wholeness Branding Build to Grow.

Erin Rocchio, an executive coach, was passionate about sharing her years of experiences with her corporate clients and writing a book about burnout at the workplace. Wholeness At Work was born.

When she approached us to help her with the visual design in early 2020, we quickly realized that time is of the essence. The pandemic hit and revealed an unprecedented increase in emotional stressors.

It was time to act. Fast.

But Clarity First

Before we started with the visual design, we spent a lot of time figuring out who this book is for, how it will fit into the competitive landscape, and reaching potential readers, especially in a lock-down situation. The results of this deep dive shaped the design, format, language, overall tone, and voice of all communications and avenues of advertising.

What We Learned

We quickly discovered that readers want more. We ended up developing an entire brand system and program around the mission of Wholeness At Work: end burnout for good and sustain human flourishing and evolution. We created a flexible and cohesive brand ecosystem that includes videos, worksheets, a website, book clubs, events, and 1-1 consulting. Instead of operating under her coaching company, it became its own flourishing entity with more products in the lineup and an entire community rejecting burnout.


  • Pre-orders and waitlist before the book was even published
    Increased revenue beyond the book sales, by upgrading to 1-1 coaching, and book sharing
    Customer engagement through Book Clubs and Social Media
    Increased demand for thought leadership on podcasts, interviews, virtual conferences, webinars
    Launched workbook during a pandemic, when it was needed more than ever 
    Expanded original inquiry to building out an entire brand around the workbook with a website, social media channels, and marketing
    What started as a passion project became the main focus


  • Brand Clarity & Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Collateral Design
  • Book Design
  • Social Media
  • Online Marketing
  • Website