Branding: Nautilus Construction

In a (sea) shell: coastal vibes, dedicated craft, excellent service, solid relationships.

Over the past ten years, Jahlel Hunter worked his way up from driving the truck to becoming a partner in a family-led construction company. He learned all the ins and outs of running a general contracting firm. The desire to be the master of his destiny, his background in business, management, and sales, and his trusted network of quality sub-contractors led him here. It made it the right time to launch Nautilus Construction and develop an apt branding identity. As there are many construction companies, it was essential to carefully craft this branding system as a unique shell amongst the sea.

Brand Clarity First

With a solid name and a clear vision for the logo, Jahlel was eager to jump in and move forward with building the brand. But before we started to think about logos and colors, we entered an intensive discovery phase using our Clearly Branded Process. Here we created alignment and meaning around the Nautilus brand, answered many important questions, and took a good look at current turbulent times.

What We Learned

We quickly learned that although the world seems to have come to a stillstand at the beginning of a global pandemic, construction is not slowing down. On the contrary, now might be the best time to enter this market.

We also discovered that Jahlel’s big desire is to help people. Help them to improve their home and life and to navigate this foreign undertaking of home remodeling with genuine care and full transparency. Therefore, it was important to apply the founder’s nurturing personality traits also to the brand personality.


Nautilus Construction took off from the get-go. Despite the lack of a website (only placeholder, full site in progress) or any marketing efforts, the company books out months ahead, even an entire year. Jahlel receives so many compliments on the brand identity and feels proud and confident about his business’ appearance.

We are also proud and honored to have the Nautilus Construction logo published in the most recent LogoLounge Book 13, The World’s Premier Logo Showcase.


  • Brand Clarity & Strategy
  • Brand Foundation
  • Brand Identity
  • Collateral Design
  • Web Design