Arista Architects Brand Identity

Drawing from the past, setting a new foundation to build the future.

The Architecture firm has been a household name in La Jolla for decades under a different name though. The company was named after the original founder, expanded to adding another name when a new partner joined, and now is evolving to Arista Architects, preparing for the next phase of the firm. The partners wanted to move the focus away from them, especially with one of the architects not on the cusp of retirement, and highlight the clients and their dream homes. With the name change came the opportunity to reinforce the brand foundation, manifest the next years to come, and create a new brand identity.

Clarity First

After declaring the new name for the evolving firm, it was tempting to move forward in full force with the brand identity. But to really understand where they stand in their journey and what’s around the next bend, it was essential to understand their past. We always start with a Brand Clarity session. They have been successful all these years, acquiring work solely by word of mouth. What accredits to that success, what is their philosophy and overall approach, and how can we capture that and carry it on in their new brand?

What We Learned

We discovered that the common thread throughout their history and success is relationships and the people involved in each project. The two partners fully immerse themselves into their clients’ worlds to understand their lifestyles, needs, and preferences to build their dream homes and bring their vision to life. Both partners bring something different to the table. One is practical thinking, goal-oriented, and business-savvy, always looking out for the client’s best interests, while the other is more of the patient nurturer, bringing lots of heart and calm to the projects. Now, the challenge is to combine these skills, apply them to the brand culture, and carry on into the future, detached from the two architects.

While they understand that Arista Architects will always be synonymical with them as people and their names, they want to be known for their client-centric approach rather than signature style. They are no “star-chitects!”

They want to highlight their partners and collaborators on each project and celebrate their craftsmanship, high level of service, and passion. Again, it is all about relationship building.


After a major rename and rebrand, the firm is on the right track to continue onward, removed from key names and people but still embracing their spirit in the brand. The Arista team has focus and direction, detailed brand guidelines that are easy to execute for each team member, and a website they can easily maintain.

While there is still no need for significant marketing efforts, the brand is still building equity in the community by name and brand recognition, with just a few brand touchpoints, such as local ads, signage, and community involvement.

The transition to the new brand went smoothly and was received very positively.


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  • Brand Foundation
  • Brand Identity
  • Collateral Design
  • Web Design