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7 Signs That Your Brand Is Lacking Clarity

How Do You Know If Your Branding Is Unclear?

Most of the time, you just know. You feel it. Something is off. Something about your branding does not align with what you offer and what you are all about. You hesitate to direct potential clients to your webpage or put off branding and marketing initiatives altogether because you just don’t feel confident with your brand’s current state.

It Has Probably Been Unclear For A While Now.

The unfortunate part is knowing your branding could be better can hold you back from advancing your business and seeking out new opportunities. I compiled a list that will reveal how well the meaning and intent behind your brand is understood by others (especially your ideal client). In simple terms… the clearer the brand, the easier it is to understand. 

Let’s gain some clarity about clarity. 

7 Signs that your Brand is Lacking Clarity:

  1. Your brand does not represent the level of quality you provide in your offerings. 
  2. You have a hard time explaining what exactly you do and who you can help.
  3. You are not sure how you are different from your competition.
  4. You are not attracting the right people, and you don’t know how to pull in the right ones.
  5. You never really invested the time to create a strategic and meaningful brand to start with.
  6. Your business has changed significantly (new direction, market, services, products, audience) and has outgrown the brand you started with. 
  7. Your business is surviving but not thriving. You know you need to change something but don’t know where to start.

It’s Time To Gain Brand Clarity

If you answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of these, it might be time for a little clarity and possibly brand evolution to bring your brand up to par with your stellar offerings and goals. With brand clarity, you will regain confidence in your brand and feel encouraged and excited to market your service. You can live up to your business’ full potential, get in front of the right people, and have more reach and conversion. 

No more trial-and-error experiments and wasted money on the wrong marketing efforts. 

Brand clarity paves the path to brand confidence and all the tools that come with it: a plethora of cohesive brand assets, clear messaging and brand guidelines, and a strategic roadmap for hitting all your short- and long-term goals.

Do I need to change my logo?

Now, brand clarity and evolution does not always consist of a full-blown re-brand with a new logo and brand ecosystem. Maybe your brand just needs a refresh. This could include an updated brand foundation that accurately captures your brand’s essence and drives all messaging going forward. Or your brand could need a solid brand system and guidelines to ensure consistency and authenticity. Or maybe you need to determine your perfect customers and create a strategy on how to reach them. All this is good, even normal! Every business grows and evolves, and needs adjustments and refining.

If you want to dive deeper, take this 5-minute, free (and telling) quiz below to get a sense of whether or not your brand visuals and messaging clearly communicate your value propositions for your services or products. Let’s get started.

I can’t wait to see the results.