globe made up of hearts, looking like covid virus, words "Spread Love"

Spread Love

Oh what a year…! This year, more than any other year, highlighted who we really are and what we stand for. It forced me to look inward and be really honest with the reasons I do things, how to be more intentional with my own actions and mission, and who I most want to invite along for the ride. I realized, in a time when we are all hunkering down and isolate, we benefit the most by spreading love.

Like many of you, I had to adjust, shift, put on my thinking cap, and show up more than ever. I rolled up my sleeves and found new ways to serve my clients at a time when they needed it most. The result? Deeper relationships, unexpected growth that set me on a new course, more meaningful work, and more clarity in general!

On the personal side of things (the lines are very blurred right now between business and personal), 2020 has been good to us. We bought a new house, renovated it and made it our home. We stayed in and healthy, bonded over simple things and continued making memories. Although we never started that sourdough bread or picked up playing the guitar, we had more time playing Yahtzee on the floor, more neighborhood walks with the dog, more meaningful conversation around the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and thankfully we never ran out of toilet paper.  

All humor aside, this past year has been frustrating, annoying, depressing, and defeating on so many levels, and it seems like 2021 is gearing up to continue with uncertainty and closures (and homeschooling). While it is important to project strength, bravado, and confidence, it is also important to admit fear, despair, and vulnerability. I definitely felt all the feels and still do…   

For now, let’s focus on the special moments, ever so small, celebrate the little accomplishments, cherish the connections with people we have in our lives, and be thankful for what we have.

I am thankful the people that I had the pleasure to work with, laugh and cry with, and create with, over the last year, and wish everybody a wonderful holiday season and hope to SEE you, HUG you, and shake hands with you next year again.    

Spread Love,